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Dubarry boots

Dubarry Boots

With a range of Dubarry boots available that have come out over the years, although the best craftsmanship is used to create all dubarry boots and clothing, each boot have different styles and properties. For example the dubarry Galway is a classic country boot, brilliant for the country environment, but the Dubarry Kilkenny boots are designed for everyday wear such as going into town. To make sure you pick the right type of boot, we have listed below the main points for each type of boot available from Dubarry.

Dubarry Galway

Dubarry Galway Boots

The Galway Boot is the original knee high boot with the classic dubarry style. It is breathable, waterproof and constructed from the finniest combination of smooth and crushed leather which makes this boot ideal for outdoor wear, with its Gore-Tex lined seams this makes the boot entirely waterproof.

The sole of the boots are directly moulded to them, with no glue or stitching which gives the perfect seal to keep water out. Dubarry also use a unique process to combine the dry leather with a Gore-Tex lining which results in a fully waterproof but breathable boot which is great for the outdoors.

The boot comes in two colours, Walnut and Mahogany brown, and sizes ranging from 3- 11.

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Dubarry Tipperary

Dubarry Tipperary Boot

Similar to the Galway, the Dubarry Tipperary boot is fully Gore-Tex lined which makes it waterproof, while keeping its breathability by using a Dry Fast Dry Soft leather. The Tipperary has a distinctive buckle and elasticised top with duo compound PU and rubber soles, which are directly injected onto the boot.

With a finger pull fitted inside bootleg for ease of entry and subtle GORE-Tex and Dubarry branding, the this boot is ideal for outdoor wear with comfort in mind.

The Tipperary is available in Brown and sizes from 3-12.

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Dubarry Carlow

Dubarry Carlow Boot

The Carlow boot has the same classic style from dubarry with a unique tweed twist to give it extra flair. The Boot is still knee height, waterproof and breathable by using the Gore-Tex lining which other boots offer. The Teflon coated wool tweed fabric makes this boot suitable for outdoor use like other dubarry boots.

The sole, like the Galway is directly moulded onto the boot, which gives it a seamless perfect seal allowing it to be waterproof. The unique process that Dubarry has used to mix the Gore-Tex lining with the smooth leather used allows the boot to also be breathable.

The Carlow boot comes in Connacht Meadow and is available in sizes 4-8.

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Dubarry Clare Boots

Dubarry Clare Boot

The Clare boot provides many performance features of riding boots whilst still offering that twist of elegance that comes from Dubarry. This boot is equally at home on the high street as it is in the country. With the Gore-Tex lining, it is waterproof while maintaining its breathability.

The sole is built with more heel depth than other styles and has special Dubarry thread on the toes. It is a little more calf profiling than the Galway boot and has a gusseted zip in the rear ankle / calf section and a smooth wear protection has on the inside leg. Its sole is inject moulded bi-compound and bi-colour outsole.

The Carlow is available in 3 colours, Black, Brown and Walnut and in sizes 37-42.

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Dubarry Kildare Boot

Dubarry Kildare Boot

The Dubarry Kildare is a shorter version of the Galway. A easy on, easy off everyday boot with no drawbacks. It is a versatile calf height boot, and is Gore-Tex lined with dry soft leather making it waterproof and breathable like other Dubarry boots.

The Kildare has a lycra stretch adjustable leg top and wide entry for easy of fit. It has a duo compound PU and rubber sole directly injected to the boot, which makes it fully waterproof.

This boot is available in Brown and Walnut and sizes ranging from 3-13

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Dubarry Donegal Boot

Dubarry Donegal Boot

Like any other dubarry boot, the Donegal is Gore-Tex lines making is waterproof and breathable. This boot is ankle high and features double gussets on the sides for easy on and off fit. It has a rear finger pull to again help with fitting. With subtle signature of Dubarry Boots.

The Donegal is both ideal for both urban areas and country. Great for active outdoor wear or for casual wear. The Donegal is the perfect hybrid for those who need to be both in the country and city.

The Donegal is available in Walnut and Mahogany and in sizes ranging from 41-47.

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Dubarry Kilkenny Boot

Dubarry Kilkenny Boot

The Kilkenny is the ladies version of the ankle boot from Dubarry. A stylish ankle high boot that is smart and hard-wearing, with finger tabs and elasticised side gussets that make this boot perfect for both active outdoor wear and casual wear.

With the Gore-Tex lining that makes this boot like all other both waterproof and breathable.

Available in both Black and Mahogany and in sizes raging from 37 – 42.

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